2019, Latest News

Iż-Żunżana – tiċċelebra Jum l-Omm

"Iż-Żunżana - tiċċelebra Jum l-Omm" (celebrates Mothers' Day) is the third from the series of five concerts. This time round in Naxxar with the Għaqda Mużikali Marija Bambina, Banda Vittorja, under the direction of Daniel Vella, where we will also meet Mauro Farrugia, music educator and composer. The concert was held on Saturday, 11th May,… Continue reading Iż-Żunżana – tiċċelebra Jum l-Omm


Iż-Żunżana tiltaqa’ ma Kulturi Differenti

The Concert held on the 30th of May, was a great opening for the series of five concerts. It was held at the 12th May Band & Social Club main Hall. The band under the direction of Hermann Farrugia Frantz played in a musical to celebrate cultural diversity with the help of actors from the… Continue reading Iż-Żunżana tiltaqa’ ma Kulturi Differenti

2019, Latest News

Iż-Żunżana – Series of Concerts for young musicians

Iż-Żunżana is a joint project between five band clubs and their respective musical school. This project was created to help all of these students get a glimpse of how to act and what to do to perform with various other bands. The aim is to give responsibility and give the opportunity to explore music repertoire… Continue reading Iż-Żunżana – Series of Concerts for young musicians